Update EZYcount 9.6.2020 EN

Updated June 9, 2020:

  • It is now possible to generate QR invoice in EZYinvoice. The Swiss banking system will be able to process QR invoices from 1 July 2020. For more information: https://support.ezycount.ch/version-2-0-2/create-invoice/qr-invoice/
  • In EZYinvoice, the search function on the recurring invoice page has been reprogrammed.
  • In EZYinvoice, recurring invoices that are archived or deleted are automatically stopped.
  • In EZYinvoice, it is now possible to import customers with special symbols such as % or &.
  • In EZYinvoice, the promotional phrase has disappeared on emails sent to users with a subscription.
  • Minor translation corrections in EZYinvoice and EZYcount.

Next update in early July 2020.

For any feedback, write below or send an email directly to support@ezycount.ch.