Update EZYcount 6.1.2020

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  1. Import rules
  • It is possible to create rules that are applied when importing bookings.
  • Automate a part of your accounting with rules.
  • For example, do you often fill up at the same petrol station with your Maestro card? Create a rule that detects whether the imported booking item contains the name of your petrol station and pass it directly to the car expenses account.
  • Or you buy all your equipment from the same company and pay by Maestro card or invoice. Create a rule that looks for outgoing payments and the name of your supplier to record this amount directly in your purchase account.
  • For details on how to use it, see the support page: https://support.ezycount.ch/import-rules/
  1. a link for the forum has been added in EZYcount under the Support menu

Next update in early February 2020.

For any feedback please write below or send an email directly to support@ezycount.ch.