Update EZYcount 02.03.2020 - EN

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Updated on 2 March 2020:

a) Improvement of the search function in the booking list. It is now possible to search in a single column.
b) The « Description » field in the bank import has been enlarged for a better ergonomics of the page.
b) Various minor improvements to the import rules.
c) The VAT report is no longer rounded to the unit, but to the cent.
d) Simplification of the Login page.
e) The company logo is again available on the PDF export of the balance sheet and income statement.
f) Improved bank import - It is now possible to import files from the Migros bank.
g) Lausanne and Zürich have been added to the list of time zones in EZYfacture.
h) Improved translations on the bank import page

Next update beginning of April 2020.

For any feedback, write below or send an email directly to support@ezycount.ch