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In the Software Marketplace, you can offer to buy or sell lifelong (99 years) EZYcount licences.

This post describes the licence, the price, the rules on how to propose buy prices and sell prices, how to claim licences if you bought one from EZYcount, how to activate your licences in EZYcount, Security about using this forum.

The licence
The lifelong software licence is a 99-years licence (expiring on the 31.12.2118) which grants you access to EZYcount AND EZYinvoice.

Historic price for lifelong licences
Lifelong licences were available directly from the EZYcount company for CHF 2’000 in 2018. From 01.01.2019 until 31.03.2019 the price was CHF 2’400.-. From 01.04.2019 EZYcount offers them for CHF 2’900.-

Rules on how to propose or accept a price
To sell your lifelong licence, post in this forum your selling price. Please make sure to use the following template:
I (nickname on the forum) SELL 1 Lifelong licence for CHF 2’850.
To buy a lifelong licence, post in this forum your buying price. Please make sure to use the following template:
I (nickname on the forum) BUY 1 lifelong licence for CHF 2’850.

If you are interested in an offer, you can reply to the post and say that you are interested. Then you can discuss in private messages to make the transaction.
Once the transaction has happenned, both participants need to confirm the transaction with the EZYcount team by BOTH sending an email to
Be aware that people without licence might try to sell you licences which are not valid. It is your responsibility to check the validity of a licence before you buy it.

How to claim licences if you bought one from EZYcount
First create an user on the forum. Please be aware that your nickname is public.
Then, send an email to telling that you created an account on the forum with the following nickname and that you want us to transfer the licences to you. We will then update the list below this post to show which user owns licences.

How to activate your licences in EZYcount
If you have a licence, contact with your company account in EZYcount or EZYinvoice and we will activate that account.

Security about using this forum
You are fully responsible for your use of the Forum. EZYcount does not take any responsibility if you lose money during a transaction. The price of the licence can go up and down. Be aware that scammers might try to buy licences without having any money OR try to sell licences they do not own. You are responsible to check that the party in trade with you has the assets you are willing to acquire.

For any question, please use this forum or send an email to


Regeln zum Kauf und Verkauf von Software-Lizenzen im Software Marketplace
Règles sur la façon d'acheter ou de vendre sur le marché aux licences
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