Modify opening balance after the company is created

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Could you please tell me how to modify an opening balance AFTER the company/charter of accounts has been created ?

Case one: you start your business.

All your accounts starts at 0.-

Case two: your business is already running and you have some accounting somewhere else that you are transferring to EZYcount.
In that case, you have the balance sheet (closing) and you want to put it as balance sheet (opening) in EZYcount.
So you need to make bookings as follow:
Debit account in Debit - 2800 in Credit account => amount - closing balance.
2800 in Debit account - Credit account in credit => amount in closing balance.

1000 cash = 1’000 (debit)
1020 Bank = 10’000 (debit)
2000 Creditors = 3’000 (Credit)
2800 Capital or reserve = 2’000 (Credit)
2970 Profit brought forward = 5’000 (Credit)

The bookings are:
1000 debit to 2800 credit = 1’000
1020 debit to 2800 credit = 10’000
2800 debit to 2000 credit = 3’000
2800 debit to 2970 credit = 5’000

Then you can show the balance sheet and the opening balance should be = to the closing balance.

If you want one of our accountants to do this for you, do not hesitate to ask for a half hour or one hour session for CHF120.- per hour plus VAT.